Apple Certified Support

Whether you need a one-time service call to fix your Mac, or ongoing support to maintain a fleet of Macintosh® computers, our Apple Certified Technicians are standing by to give you the support that you need.

Our Monthly Service Program

Need full time Macintosh® support, but don't want to hire a full time employee? Macrobatix can tailor a monthly service contract to take care of all of your Macintosh® service requirements. Monthly rates depend on the number and type of workstations used, along with the complexity and type of applications used on those workstations.

Macrobatix currently services most SafetyNet customers remotely, using VPN (Virtual Private Network) and ARD (Apple Remote Desktop). Over 90% of issues can be solved remotely, which saves time and travel costs.

Apple Consultants Network



  • Software Applications
    Microsoft Office (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    Apple Consumer and Professional Software
    (such as iLife, iWork, FinalCut Pro)
    Adobe Creative Suite
    (such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign)
    FileMaker Pro
  • Operating Systems
    Mac OS X Server, Mac OS X (including Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Panther, and Jaguar) and Mac OS 9
  • Networking & Integration
    Wired and Wireless Networking
    Integration of Macs into a Windows Environment
    Firewall/Router Configuration
    Password Administration and Authentication using
    Microsoft Exchange Server & Domain Controller
  • Internet Connectivity Issues