Macrobatix is an Apple Specialist

What is an Apple Specialist?

An Apple Specialist is an independent Apple Dealer and Service Provider with a strong commitment to the Mac platform, having exceeded Apple’s highest sales and service authorization levels. As an Apple Specialist, Macrobatix focuses exclusively on Apple solutions and combines technical expertise with a commitment to customer service before, during, and after the sale.

Creative Solutions & Exceptional Customer Service

Macrobatix takes pride in offering outstanding customer service and support to retail consumers and small businesses. Providing a lineup of well designed, fast, and reliable cross-platform solutions based on Apple technology, Macrobatix offers onsite and in–store services in Atlanta such as:

Macrobatix is a technology and creative solutions provider whose expertise can help solve your technical challenges and achieve your goals. By working with Macrobatix, you not only get certified Apple expertise, but a valuable long-term relationship that will assist you into the future.